A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Grade 1

Students learn to manage themselves and work independently.


First Grade Happy Students


Our goal is to teach students strategies to use in their daily lives to solve problems successfully and build positive peer relationships. We have organized lessons, including a sharing circle, answering a question, solving a problem, and role-playing. We teach and model examples of mindfulness, including Keeping Calm and being our B.E.S.T (body language; eye contact; say nice things; tone of voice). Students are encouraged to use these strategies in their daily interactions throughout the school and beyond their FH experiences.



What do we learn?

There's something fun and new to learn each day

First grade is packed with essential and exciting transitions as students leave behind much of the play of Preschool and Kindergarten and begin to dig deep into academic skills. Students will also go through a significant shift to more extensive learning. Our exploration of science, math, reading, writing, and social studies is complemented by rotating special subjects like design thinking in the Brain Space, Spanish, music and movement, and visual arts.

First Grade Play

1st grade girl

Writing on paper board

Students act as performers and playwrights in this signature project that enables them to work collaboratively to develop a story they will later  perform as an ensemble as they share the story with a rapt audience of their parents and peers.

The First Grade Play incorporates the music and arts curriculum by learning and performing various songs and genres. Students practice public speaking and perform for the first time, as a class, on the Performing Arts Center stage.

Our Learning and Design curriculum serves as a foundation for students to organize and create the play. They fully participate in the design thinking process and collaborate to choose a theme and relay a lesson to the audience. They research material, draft, and edit the script.

Meet the Team

Danielle Kinney

Danielle Kinney

Titles: Grade 4 Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator
Vicki Lawton

Vicki Lawton

Titles: Grade 1 Teacher/Team Leader