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Lower School

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Welcome to the Lower School, also known as the 'wonder years.'

Because a child's disposition toward learning is established by age 12 and stays with them for life, our Lower School program is designed to create an optimal environment for children that supports, encourages, develops, and extends each child's curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion.

Explore Lower School

Lower School at Far Hills encompasses Pre-K through Grade 4. Learn more about how we support our Lower School students every day.

Our students develop strong foundation skills in reading, writing, science, and math, balanced with excellent programs in world language, visual arts, and music. They build social-emotional and problem-solving skills through engaging student-centered, experiential learning.

From Our Division Head

Patricia Barry

Pat Barry
Director of Lower School

As the Director of Lower School, it is with immense pride that I introduce you to a world where young minds blossom, hearts are filled with joy, and the seeds of lifelong learning are sown with care, creativity, and commitment.

At Far Hills Country Day School, we believe that the foundation of a meaningful education is not just in the mastery of academics but in fostering a genuine love of learning that carries our students through Lower School and beyond. Our vibrant learning environment is carefully crafted to inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and celebrate discovery at every turn.

  • A Vibrant Learning Environment: Our campus is alive with the buzz of enthusiastic learners engaging with interactive lessons, innovative technology, and open, inviting spaces designed to stimulate the imagination. Every corner, every classroom is a testament to the joy of learning, where students are encouraged to question, to delve deeper, and to connect with the world around them.
  • Happy Students: The happiness of our students is the truest measure of our success. Their smiles, laughter, and eager participation are the daily reminders of the supportive and nurturing culture we’ve built. Here, each child is known, valued, and empowered to be their best self, thriving in an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and inclusivity
  • Committed Teachers: At the heart of our vibrant school community are our dedicated teachers. Passionate about education and deeply committed to the success of every student, they bring learning to life with creativity, patience, and a deep understanding of each child’s unique needs and potential. Our teachers are not just educators; they are mentors, guides, and the very embodiment of our school’s spirit.
  • Building a Love of Learning: From the earliest ages, we engage our students in a dynamic curriculum that blends academic excellence with hands-on, experiential learning. Whether they are solving complex problems, expressing themselves through art, or exploring the natural world, our students develop a deep-seated love of learning that fuels their intellectual curiosity and drives their personal growth.

I invite you to explore further what makes Far Hills Country Day School an exceptional place for your child to grow, learn, and flourish. Our doors are always open for you to witness firsthand the magic of our learning community. Come and see how we can partner together to give your child the best possible start on their educational journey.


The Far Hills Experience

The balance of academic excellence and emotional intelligence—what we call IQ + EQ—guides our curriculum every step along the way to ensure that students are inspired and excited to wonder and discover.

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