A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Life Skills

Lower school writing on white boards


More than book learning. Life Learning.

At Far Hills, we hold students accountable not only for academic excellence, but for the mastery of critical life skills that are the elements of lifelong achievement, happiness and success. Students don’t just learn answers. They learn the courage to challenge them. They learn not only problem solving, but also the confidence to stand by their solutions. They don’t simply learn to play a musical composition, they are taught the self-esteem to stand up and perform. This is the balance that defines Far Hills—and sets our students apart.

At Far Hills we teach, model, assess, develop, and hold students accountable for critical life skills—from table manners to time management.

Mission Skills

Far Hills Country Day School is at the cutting edge of assessment for “intangibles” such as character. In collaboration with Educational Testing Service, the leader in academic testing services for K-12, and the Elementary School’s Research Collaborative, a consortium of twenty top independent schools, the school is part of a pilot assessment program to measure essential skills for success in school and life.

Qualities measured include:






Time Management