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Capstone Projects

Boy and mom looking at a piece of paper

Welcome to our Capstone Projects page, where we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students from Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Each grade level participates in a unique Capstone Project, progressively building essential skills that culminate in the Grade 8 10-week Expo project. Here’s a glimpse into the journey of our students as they explore, research, and present their findings with enthusiasm and confidence. From initial brainstorming sessions to the final presentations, the Capstone Projects are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and growth.

Kindergarten "I Wonder" Project 

This event showcases our Kindergarten students developing research and interview skills, artistic expression, and public speaking abilities. Starting with inquiry, these young learners confidently share their research project slideshows and circle map posters with an audience filled with family, friends, and the school community. The students choose topics they are curious about, interview experts, and gather information to create their projects. Through this process, they learn to organize their thoughts, ask meaningful questions, and communicate their findings effectively.

Girl speaking at the podium during Kindergarten Capstone Project


Sisters talking and showing their capstone project to their family

Grade 1 Expo

This event showcases Grade 1 adventurers taking parents, family, friends, faculty, and staff on an incredible journey to a new place. Through impressive artwork, dancing, and presentations, these students showcase their learning in their spectacular Expo Projects. Each project is a culmination of weeks of exploration and discovery, where students immerse themselves in the culture, geography, and history of their chosen destination. The young explorers use a variety of mediums to bring their projects to life, including colorful maps, creative costumes, and traditional dances. 


Class standing in front of their fmailies performing for their capstone project


Grade 2 "Coming to America"

This event showcases Grade 2 students proudly sharing their Capstone projects in the "Coming to America" Expo. This immersive project-based study on immigration included writing, reading, critical thinking, public speaking, presentation skills, science, technology, art, and music. The students exhibit remarkable preparedness, confidence, and impressiveness. 

Girl showing parent her capstone project


Grade 3 "Adventure America"

This event showcases Grade 3 students transforming our Performing Arts Center into a vibrant hub of creativity and discovery with their "Adventure America" projects. They captivated visitors with fascinating facts about each state, demonstrating their dedication and hard work throughout this long-term research endeavor. Bravo to our Grade 3 adventurers for an unforgettable journey into the wonders of the USA!


Grade 4 Expo

This event showcases our Grade 4 students as they present their Expo Projects, culminating their Lower School journey.This cross-curricular project, spanning social studies, language arts, music, and art, immersed students in the history of early American settlers and the events leading to the Revolutionary War. Their presentations showcase eloquent speeches, thought-provoking essays, and a deep understanding of the historical context. We couldn't be more proud of their achievements!

Boy speaking into microhpone at the podium presenting his capstone project in costume


By and his parents doing an activity together in science lab during capstone project

Grade 5 Signature Whale Project

This event showcases our Grade 5 students during Whale Day. This signature Whale Project highlights their research skills and creativity. The students delve into various aspects of whale biology, behavior, and conservation, sharing their knowledge through engaging displays and demonstrations. Parents, teachers, and peers are invited to explore the stations, participate in hands-on activities, and learn from the students’ findings.



Grade 7 Pond Project

Every year, Grade 7 students conduct an in-depth evaluation of our on-campus pond's health by testing water quality. This hands-on project involves measuring parameters like water temperature and oxygen levels during four visits to the pond. A highlight is collecting macroinvertebrates, providing practical understanding of the pond's ecosystem. Students discover various creatures such as water striders, leeches, snails, dragonflies, damselfly nymphs, and frogs at different developmental stages. The Grade 7 Pond Project is an exciting educational experience that fosters an appreciation for our environment on our 54-acre campus.

Boy showing adult his capstone project and explaining all about it


Grade 8 Expo

This event showcases our Grade 8 students showcasing their Expo projects, the culmination of a ten-week independent research study on a topic of their choice, to an audience of teachers, administrators, alumni, family, and peers. These students exhibited exceptional preparation and performance. 

Explore the incredible journey of our students as they grow and develop through these enriching Capstone projects. Their curiosity, creativity, and dedication shine through each presentation, reflecting the robust educational experience at our school.