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Exhibits and Installations

Seventh Grade's POP ART cafe opens to rave reviews.

Upper School students have been enjoying a visual feast in the cafe at Far Hills. As the line of diners snakes through the cafe, students marvel at the mouth-watering ceramics that have been on display for the last few weeks, an exhibition of Grade 7's Pop Art project.

Grade 7 student-artists transformed ordinary kiln-fired clay into a mouthwatering buffet. Students drew inspiration from two popular pop artists, Claes Oldenburg, known for his larger-than-life sculptures, and Wayne Thiebaud, a painter whose oil paintings appeared to have been created with icing. Each student artist created a piece using their favorite food as a muse.

Before they even began to work in clay, students explored the various types of sculptures most commonly made, how to start the process of constructing a freestanding sculpture and what hand-building modeling techniques were needed to complete their work.  They looked at traditional sculptures made from metal or stone and then looked at nontraditional ones sculpted from various materials such as butter, legos, clothes hangers, or even old tires.  While they worked their magic in clay, students focused on creating visual interest and a sense of movement through the placement of their different food items and their surface textures. Once everything was sculpted, the students turned their attention to the importance of color as they finished their pieces with glaze. 

They say we eat with our eyes before anything else, and these students certainly have created a feast for the eyes. Our expert "Foodie in Residence," Chef Jenn, will judge the plates this year—a very tough job indeed!  A special sweet treat will be awarded to the top three plates from each class for a job well done!

Which one is your favorite?

Ben A.
Ifayola A.
Luke A.
Michael A.
Colin B.
Gemma C.
Hannah C.
Philip John C.
Ellie C.
Blake E.
Zach F.
Jimmy G.
Teddy G.
Avery H.
Edvin K.
Nate L.
Wilder M.
Jillian M.
Tyler M.
Brady M.
Sahara M.
Tara N.
Gavin O.
Michael P.
Gianna P.
Parker R.
Chloe V.
Winston V.
Jenny V.
Caspar von H.
Cameron W.
Titus W.
Miles W.
Josselyn W.
Brandon W.
Xian W.
Jacob Z.