A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Public Speaking

elementary school girl speaking at podium

middle school student presenting project

A Far Hills student gives an average of 86 presentations from Preschool through Grade 8! 

Why? Because public speaking is an essential life skill...and practice makes perfect! This integral part of our curriculum starts in Preschool, when students speak in front of their peers. In Kindergarten, students are taught how to speak using a microphone, and speak at a podium in front of larger groups. Presentations then continue in every grade and students learn additional skills like diction, vocal projection, and elocution.

Through public speaking and performance, students learn confidence and poise. Preparing for presentations often requires teamwork, time management, and responsibility. Far Hills students are confident speakers and performers who possess a valuable life skill for success at school and in life.

  elementary school girl presenting project

 middle school student reading