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Creativity. And the Creation of Character.

The visual and performing arts naturally offer many opportunities to introduce and apply important life skills. Students learn the joys of self-expression and also principles like confidence, pride, and humility. Beyond teaching performance and creativity, the Far Hills art program is designed to help students make works of art out of their identities.


Visual Arts at Far Hills

We promote the discovery and exploration of multiple perspectives and possibilities through a comprehensive process of question, analyze, create, communicate and evaluate. This process starts for our youngest learners in the PreK Studio and continues throughout their art classes until Grade 8.

Far Hills Country Day School Kindergarten Student Sewing


Students are introduced to drawing, painting, sculpture, computer graphics, sewing, mosaic work, print making, and ceramics. Art is offered during the regular class rotation, as an after school enrichment option, as an Upper School selection for both Legacy Art and a Grade 8 selective.

Teacher and boy painting


Our students receive a comprehensive studio art experience in both 2D and 3D formats and complete projects that make cross curricular connections—integrating art into the traditional classroom and enriching their educational experience. 

Girl painting in art class


Students in all grades learn about the history of art, as well as historical art giants, and how their work has impacted our culture and everyday lives. Teachers encourage students to take artistic risks, develop 21st-century skills, find multiple solutions, and explore self-expression.


Music & Performing Arts

At Far Hills, the study of music plays an important role in building each student's strength of mind and character. All students in PreK–Grade 7 take general music classes that focus on the National Core Arts Standards of creating, performing, responding, and connecting to music.

Performance is key to our program—all general music classes perform in at least three concerts, musicals and plays each year.

Lower School

Students create and publish original melodies, experience music through movement, and connect it to various subjects and cultures. They collaborate in ensembles and learn to perform on traditional and virtual instruments. Our Music and Movement curriculum services children in our Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 and focuses on just that—music and movement combined. Focused studies on Beethoven, Bach, NJ Musicians, Mozart, Prokofiev, and Tchaikovsky take place in Kindergarten–Grade 4.


Upper School

Students further their musical learning by practicing clarinet, saxophone, or flute for one year in a group setting and read rhythms and notes on the treble and bass clefs. They perform together in an ensemble and sing two- and three-part harmonies in unison. Grades 5 and 6 study Jazz Music, while Grades 7 and 8 focus on the study of musicals. Grade 8 students choose musical selectives which can range from creating, performing, and connecting to music with activities such as STOMP, video music making, and more.


Meet the Team

Amy Burns

Lower School Music Teacher/Performing Arts Department Manager

Maedean Kramer

Upper School Music Teacher/Kestrel House Director

Allyn Merida

Grade 3 Teacher

Roseanne Panico

Grade 3–8 Art Teacher/Visual Arts Department Manager


Keep Exploring

Capstone Projects

Boy speaking into microhpone at the podium presenting his capstone project in costume

Life at Far Hills


Far Hills Country Day School Grade 4 Student poses in front of the green screen for their Expo project.