A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Why PreK to 8?

The PreK–8 school provides the ideal environment to educate children. Siblings and friends stay together in our close-knit, supportive community until they are ready for secondary school. These family-like groupings provide leadership roles for our Upper School students who pair with younger students in mixed-grade activities throughout the year. Our Upper Schoolers (sixth, seventh and eighth-graders) are considered the "Leaders of our School", with expectations that their behavior be guided at all times by the school's Pillars: Leadership, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness.

The Social/Emotional Learning Curriculum starts in PreK and continues through eighth grade. It intentionally fosters a "Caring Community" based on mutual respect, honesty and kindness. Paired with our family-like groupings this creates a learning environment where students feel safe to extend themselves outside of their comfort areas, to try new things and make mistakes without fear while developing resilience and problem solving skills.

Our unique curriculum intellectually engages and inspires our students through early adolescence. Expert teachers, who are specialists in teaching these primary and middle school-aged students, understand the developmental stages and specific needs of the students.

Lessening transitions in a child's education during the middle school years has been shown to be important in recent educational studies. Harvard Associate Professor of Education, Martin West, Ph.D., states in Ed. The Magazine of The Harvard Graduation School of Education, Fall 2012 (see link at bottom of page for complete article):

"...research found that students entering grades six through eight or seven to eight schools experience a “sharp drop” in achievement versus those attending K–8 schools.

  • Family-like, safe and supportive community
  • Ideal for Leadership Development
  • Unique curriculum
  • Lessens transitions to maximize learning