Far Hills App Support

Designed for your iOS-based devices, the Far Hills app makes it easier to find info about Far Hills Country Day School, including:

  • School Calendars
  • News
  • Athletic Schedules
  • Media Gallery
  • Faculty and Staff Directory
  • Portal login

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I see future Athletic Events?

Under Athletics, click "Upcoming" to see future events.

How do I see parent announcements?

Log into the app using your Far Hills website username and password.  Click "Login" at the bottom to log in.  Parent announcements are displayed in the Annoucements section.

How can I call or email someone from the Directory?

This feature depends on the capabilities of your device. If you device has a phone, you can click the telephone number and proceed to dial. You can click an email address on any device, but may have to set up the email account you'll be using if it is not configured already.

I cannot click a News article for additional information.

Only news articles with full article content are clickable.

Does my device log me out automatically?

Under "Account" click "Log Out" to log out of the app.

I have logged in but want to share my device with someone else. How do I log back out?

Under "Account" click "Log Out" to log out of the app.