Piazza - Lower School

Children experience a gauntlet of pressures every day: schoolwork, peer relationships, extracurricular activities, athletics, and more. Often, prolonged discomfort, particularly when experienced for the first time, contributes to unhappiness, lower confidence levels and an unwillingness to cope with daily interactions. Learn from Sue Miller, mindfulness expert and Far Hills second grade teacher, how the practice of mindfulness is a teachable, scientifically studied practice that can lead to a lifetime of reducing and controlling stress and boosting happiness. Similarly, in athletics, the scoreboard is an important part of youth sports...but still, just a part. Hear about the power of positive coaching from Ron Sansone, Far Hills Director of Athletics, why it is important for youth to learn not only how to win, but how to compete and focus on what they can control: effort, learning and the ability to persist.

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