Blended Learning (BL) is the formal integration of online delivery for content instruction, whether at home or within the confines of the school building. An important benefit of blended learning, for students, is the ability to control the place, path, and pace of their studies. With this in mind, students will have the choice of when and where they complete the tasks which have been set for them.

Expectations: When signing up to participate in a BL class, the students will meet with their teacher once prior to end of the school year. Then throughout the 4 or 5 week course, the children will work at their own pace to complete their assignments. Office hours will be set up for students to interact with their teachers from their home or vacation.

Great Summer Escape

Instructors: Mrs. Jeannette Mastria and Mr. Peter McBride
Grades: Rising 4–5
Session: June 19–July 14
Cost: $249

Have you ever wondered what your friends do on summer vacation? Have you ever wanted to show everyone your summer travels? If you answered yes, then come along on the Great Summer Escape! During our 4 week course, we will embark on a cross curricular study of multiple locations across the globe.

Students will combine their summer travels with an interdisciplinary curriculum, focusing on the core subjects of reading, writing and math. Each week, students will be given a new assignment to complete at a place, pace and depth of their choosing. Teachers will provide regular check-ins with “online office hours” each day so that students may engage in discussions about their studies.

The Great Summer Escape begins on June 19 and will culminate on July 14 with an online peer presentation. This course is being offered to rising fourth and fifth grade students.

You won’t find any cramped seats or baggage fees, just the opportunity to globe trot, right from the comfort of your own couch!

The Great Graphic Novel

Instructors: Mrs. Emily Seelaus
Grades: Rising 6–8
Session: July 3–July 28
Cost: $249

In light of the growing importance of graphic novels in today’s literary canon, this summer the course, The Great Graphic novel, will explore the key elements of graphic novels, and read excerpts from famous graphic novels such as The March, The Lightning Thief, and The Time Museum. In addition, students will try their hands at creating a short graphic novel of their own. Using the graphic novel format, students will be able to combine image and text to explore plot, characterization and various literary elements. Even if your drawing skills are limited to stick figures, you, too, could create the next great graphic novel.

Weekly assignments will be posted by Monday mornings, and students will be expected to complete them by the following Friday. Assignments will include some reading, some writing and drawing, as well as giving peer feedback to others in the class. The teacher will provide feedback on all student work.

Weekly online office hours will be held for discussion and help. These will be optional but available to students throughout the course.

Wednesdays: 9AM to 10AM
Thursdays: 12PM to 1PM

If students need additional help, online meetings can be set up with teacher individually through email.

By Friday, July 28, students will be expected to create a short draft of a graphic novel. Students will be working towards this goal throughout the four week course.

Camp Hours
(Half and Full Day Options)

Half: 8:30 a.m.–12 p.m.
Full: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Lunch may be packed and sent with campers or purchased from No Fuss Lunch. Please remember that we are a nut-aware camp, and no peanut or tree nut products should be packed in lunches.