How many students are enrolled and how many openings do you have each year?

Far Hills Country Day School enrolls approximately 375 boys and girls in grades Prekindergarten through Eight, as follows:

Prekindergarten (combined 3- and 4-year-old program)
Maximum class of 16; Two full-time teachers per class.

Two classes of maximum 16; approximately 16 new openings per year with additional openings through attrition. Two full-time teachers per class.

Grades One Through Eight
Three classes of maximum 16; openings through attrition. One full-time teacher per class (plus two full-time assistant teachers in grade one and an assistant teacher in grade two).

What are your age requirements for entry to the school?

All age requirements are based on a September 1st cutoff.

3 or 4 years old by the year of entry

5 years old by the year of entry

Grades One Through Eight
The applicant's current grade level and achievement, as well as date of birth, are used to determine grade placement.

My child's birth date falls just before/after the September first cutoff. Do you make exceptions?

We adhere to the September 1st cutoff date unless there is significant evidence or reason to consider otherwise. We do so because appropriate social/emotional placement is more likely within set chronological limits. Appropriate social placement supports a student's confidence in taking the necessary risks involved in learning. At all grade levels Far Hills Country Day School challenges students to achieve their greatest potential.

What about siblings of currently enrolled students and children of Far Hills Country Day School faculty and staff?

Siblings of currently enrolled students and faculty/staff children who demonstrate the capacity to be successful in our program will receive first consideration in the admission process, although there is no guarantee of acceptance. Siblings and faculty/staff children follow the same application procedures as all applicants and meet the same admission requirements.

How long is the school day?

8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with options ranging from three to five half or full days a week

Kindergarten and Grade One
8:15 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

Grades Two - Four
8:15 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Grades Five - Eight
8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Is extended care offered before and after the regular school day?

Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 a.m.Prekindergarten through grade one students may wait in the Piazza, while students in grades two through five may wait in the Cafe under teacher supervision until 8:00 a.m. when they can go to their classrooms. An Extended Day program is available for students in PreK through grade eight.

How much homework do students receive?

Except for kindergarten, homework is a nightly experience and varies by grade level. The required time to complete homework may vary according to individual student performance:

Grade One: 15-20 minutes per night
Grade Two: 30 minutes 4 times a week
Grade Three: 45 minutes 4 times a week
Grade Four: 60 minutes 4 times a week with occasional long range assignments

In our Upper School, long range projects and papers are assigned to students so they develop the ability to budget time independently. Homework, including test preparation, extends to weekends. Letter grades are given in the upper school.

Grade Five: 60 minutes daily
Grade Six:
90 minutes daily
Grade Seven: 120 minutes daily
Grade Eight: 120 to 150 minutes daily

What is the dress code?

Students in grades kindergarten to eight adhere to the Far Hills Dress Code (click here).

Does the school provide lunch?

Students enrolled in the Prekindergarten and Kindergarten programs bring their own lunch. Snacks, juice and milk are provided by the school.

Students enrolled in grades one through eight eat lunch in our cafe. In addition to the main entrée, the daily menu offers a healthy selection of foods, including: soup, sandwiches, bagels, salad bar, yogurt, and fresh fruit. The lunch fee is included in the tuition and charges and is not optional.

Does the school provide busing?

No. Most families provide their own transportation to and from school. Carpooling is encouraged. Although some towns provide busing to residents in their district who attend Far Hills Country Day School, this varies each year.

Do you accept new students into the eighth grade?

While eighth grade is not a traditional entry point at FH, exceptions are occasionally made. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Do you accept mid-year transfers?

We consider mid-year placements based on special circumstances at grade levels that are not fully enrolled.

How does Far Hills Country Day School guide parents in the secondary school admission process?

The process begins in the seventh grade when the full-time Director of Secondary School Counseling meets individually with families to create a preliminary list of schools. Students are encouraged to visit and apply to schools that best suit their individual interests and academic ability. Faculty proof-read applications, write personal recommendations and help students prepare for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

Counseling continues throughout the eighth grade year as families work closely with the Director of Secondary School Counseling to determine the most appropriate match for the student and family.

Additionally, each fall, Far Hills Country Day School hosts a secondary school fair for all upper school students at which over one hundred secondary schools are represented.

Where do students go after Far Hills Country Day School?

Our students matriculate to a variety of highly regarded secondary schools, including:

2016 Acceptance List
2015 Acceptance List

  • Delbarton School
  • Kent Place School
  • The Pingry School
  • Newark Academy
  • Rutgers Preparatory School
  • Oak Knoll School
  • Gill St. Bernard's School
  • Morristown Beard School

Others choose boarding schools, including:

  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Hotchkiss School
  • St. George's School
  • St. Paul's School
  • Phillips Academy Andover
  • Taft School
  • Salisbury School
  • Lawrenceville School
  • Blair Academy
  • St. Andrew's School

Some students elect to continue at area public high schools.

Why should you choose an independent school?

Families choose independent schools for a wide range of reasons. We believe Far Hills provides the very best education for children of both mind and heart. Far Hills instills a love of learning in our students that makes a difference and lasts a lifetime.

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is an excellent source of information for parents exploring the independent school option.

Do you have a Diversity Policy?

Yes. Far Hills Country Day School encourages and embraces all aspects of diversity. Learn more about diversity at Far Hills and our Diversity Policy.

See our classrooms in action.

Contact Kevin Donnelly, Admission Director, for a personalized tour.

Admission Entry Points Projected for '16-17 School Year

Entry Point
KindergartenEntry Point
1st GradeEntry Point
2nd GradeThrough Attrition
3rd GradeThrough Attrition
4th GradeThrough Attrition
5th GradeEntry Point
6th GradeThrough Attrition
7th GradeThrough Attrition
8th GradeThrough Attrition