There is no time when the quality of education is more important and has more impact on your child's life than in "magic years" of early education. A child's disposition towards learning that will stay with them throughout their life is established by age 12. The Far Hills Kindergarten program is designed to create an optimal environment for children that supports, encourages, develops, and extends each child's curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion. Key to our program are:

  • Safety. The ideal learning environment is one where students are safe -- to express themselves, to ask for help, to interact with others.
  • Developing a close relationship with their teacher. The bond between the teacher and student is critical in establishing a love of learning.
  • Community. The classroom and school are the child's community. Our curriculum and school structure are intentionally designed to keep our students appropriately young. Students in all grades develop strong bonds with each other through mixed class and mixed grade activities.
  • Teacher skill. Our teachers are experts in teaching elementary and middle school-aged children. It is their passion.

Our Admission Team

Kevin Donnelly
Director of Admission

Rachel DeMaster
Assistant Director of Admission