Mission and Values

More than book learning. Life learning.

At Far Hills, we hold students accountable not only for academic excellence, but also for the mastery of critical life skills that are the elements of lifelong achievement.

Mission Statement

Through academic excellence and character development, Far Hills Country Day School provides each child brilliant beginnings for success in the modern world.

The One School Vision

Our mission-directed, conceptual framework is based on:

  • Personalization, differentiation, and individualization
  • A growth mindset
  • Teaching and developing thinking skills
  • A project approach to teaching
  • Performance tasks
  • Accountability for both academic excellence and life skills


Far Hills Country Day School encourages and embraces all aspects of diversity.

We believe that our different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas strengthen the learning experience for everyone in our community.

We commit to maintaining and enhancing an inclusive environment where we explore, understand, and value our shared experience and the unique characteristics and beliefs of every human being. We seek to learn from and celebrate the differences within our community and around the world.